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Celebrated journalist Tim Lezard and now Chief Editor of the Big Issue joined the team for a brief while

Casting his roving eye inwardly over his own travels he settled upon the ancient land of the Aztecs and Mayans, of carnivals and religion, of salsa and chillies and tequila sunrises to bring you his run-down on Mexico in this issue.


Welcome to Tim's Waffle
for the lowdown on Mexico

'What do you think of when you think of Mexico?

The golden sands and warm seas of Acapulco? Cocktails on the terrace (Tequila Sunrise, of course)? Or the bustling metropolis of Mexico City - its roads jammed with more VW Beetles and camper vans than in any surfer's dreams?

Perhaps the first thought is of the remains of an ancient civilisation dotted across the country?

The stepped pyramids of the Incas whose mysteries were burnt on the zealous fires of the conquering Spaniards?

My treasured memories include sitting in a restaurant on the Zoccolo in Oaxaca listening to a band busking from table to table, whilst tucking into chicken in chocolate sauce - the local speciality eaten off the region's distinctive black earthenware.

Or of bus rides through the night over mountain ranges whose roads have more S bends than any Alpine scene and not a crash barrier in sight.

Then, when day breaks, the mountains change to arid plains, seemingly endless, punctuated with cacti and aloe vera, shining green amongst the sand

Or of finding that small beach town at the end of a long journey where life changes down several gears and almost grinds to a halt and you can buy a night's sleep in a hammock slung beneath a palm shelter for a lot less than a pound, with the soundtrack of waves lulling you to sleep thrown in for free.

And waking up to a sunrise far more mind-blowing than the Tequila version and walking down to the sea for a swim to find the shallows crammed with baby turtles that hatched the night before.'


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